Tips for your interview:


Plan ahead

Before the interview day, check out the time it will take you to travel to our offices on the Model Farm Road, Cork, and allow a little more, so that you will arrive on time.

Remember, you can expect to meet several people who will ask you questions. You can also expect to be given some tests. So, be sure you are rested, alert and mentally prepared.

Be yourself

Give an honest and accurate account of your experience and qualifications, and be prepared to discuss in detail anything you have mentioned in your cv.


Learn about Pilz and the role for which you have applied, e.g. our business, our products and our technologies.

Explain your answers

Be prepared to explain how you came up with the answer or solution to a problem. In other words, be prepared to explain your thinking process.

Why have you applied

Be prepared to explain your reasons for wanting to change jobs, and why you have applied to Pilz.

Why you

Be able to demonstrate the benefit and relevance of your skills and experience to us.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Good questions can indicate your level of understanding and interest.

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