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The Engineering Services Department based in Cork has a number of distinct business areas: Machinery Safety Engineering Services, Process Safety Services, Project Management, and Training. Professionals from diverse engineering backgrounds such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Automation, Civil, and Software ensure that every project is managed by the best combination of people. We work closely with colleagues from varied professional backgrounds enabling us to enhance our current skills and learn from our colleague’s expertise. Ours is a culture of open, shared discussions where we encourage constructive questions and the best solutions.

We are a worldwide leader in Safety. Our objective is not merely to offer good Engineering Services, it is to offer quality Engineering Services at a cost effective price. This is why our customers return to Pilz. Professionalism, dedication and innovation characterise our work . Partnering with our customers to develop customized safety solutions is the key to our success.

Project Management

The Project management Team here in Pilz is made up of professionals from diverse backgrounds with years of experience in the area. We manage multi million euro investments ensuring that we provide the most advanced solutions to our clients. The team is involved varied projects ranging from retrofitting existing factories to extending manufacturing plants to create state of the art facilities for international companies. Bring involved in the Project management team, the learning curve is steep. The reward comes from the kind of professional development that comes as a result of genuine team interaction.


Machinery Safety Services

Machinery Safety Services are essential in Ireland’s manufacturing industry and Pilz partner with top international brands as well as local machine builders to provide the most efficient and cost effective services. We implement the latest technologies in terms of safe and standard industrial automation. We see and experience every form of manufacturing. To take an example, our jobs expose us to how minerals are extracted from the ground, how they are processed in to steel, how that steel is converted into cars. We work with the most advanced technologies in the most diverse of industries from heavy robotic systems in industrial settings, to complex heavily regulated machinery in medical devices. The machinery safety team are constantly faced with new opportunities and new challenges as legislation is revised and improved.


Process Safety Services

Our Process Safety team are experts in their field. Working in a highly regulated environment with multinational corporations has its challenges. Budgets must be adhered to whilst ensuring that safety is in no way compromised and all legislative and compliance issues are strictly adhered to. Our work takes us from Tank Farms to production lines, from Explosion Protection Documents to HAZOP’s, from SIL calculations to modifications of plant & equipment. Our process safety services are specifically tailored with client requirements in mind. We were the first company in Ireland to achieve TUV 61508 accreditation.



Our Engineers have extensive experience in the field therefore they are the people best placed to provide all of our training utilising worked examples from projects to ensure attendees gain both a theoretical understanding and a practical one. We have a proud reputation of providing training to statutory bodies worldwide and indeed here in Ireland.

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