Adopt-a-School Programme @ Pilz:

This year we have started to work Clogheen Kerry Pike National School. Over the course of 9 weeks, the students covered topics such as logical problem solving with Lightbot, programming interactive games and scenes with Scratch, and developing websites with HTML.

Read the programme overview in the attached document: AdoptASchoolOverview


Logical Thinking And Problem Solving

Using Lightbot we test the students ability to think and problem solve in a fun and simple way. The objective for the student is to light up all the blue tiles in the factory. The student can control the light-Bot by giving it commands, for more complex levels the student can use programmer style logic that include functions to re-use.

The Lightbot game can be launched here.


Introduction To Programming

Scratch is a programming language learning environment enabling beginners to get results without having to learn syntactically correct writing first. Created by the MIT Media Lab, it is intended to motivate for further learning through playfully experimenting and creating projects, such as interactive animations, games, etc.

It is easier to use than traditional programming languages as it consists of graphical blocks which snap together.

You can download Scratch, learn more Scratch code and get ideas for projects here.


Building Websites

Using plain text editors, students learn how to build a webpage using HTML, with the aim that each student will have their own webpage as part of a class website.

Students learn HTML page structures, simple formatting, how to embed and link content..

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