eclipseA Tool Suite For The Future: Built on Eclipse

Our customers need to be able to develop, configure, commission and debug their complete automation system. We built an integrated development environment, customised to allow them focus on their core tasks. Building on Eclipse provides us with the initial platform we need to build a modular, pluggable system.

PAS4000 uses Eclipse technologies extensively. Here is just a flavour of the features that we provide:


Language Editors

Text based languages form the basis for programmers to write their applications. Our tool suite includes three distinct text-based languages. Our language editor developers provide full featured, pluggable code editors with code completion, and real time reconciliation. Developers in this area have expertise in DSLs, compiler technology and front end editor development.
PAS4000 continues our tradition of innovative, easy to use programming editors, started by our PNOZmulti Configurator. The PASMulti editor provides automation engineers with a component programming concept that makes programming our PLCs child’s play.

Our graphical editor developers use cutting edge technologies, such as GMF and GEF,to create these intuitive editors.


deviceOur Target Devices

All of our tools are built to assist automation engineers to program and configure hardware devices which are manufactured in our German offices. We’ve made some big advances in how PLCs work with our distributed, modular automation system, PSS 4000.


Our device and network developers provide graphical editors for the configuration of these devices and the networks on which they reside

pmiOur new range of PMIs provide an interative, dynamic graphical representation of the factory floor – think iPad but with a tougher, more durable housing. These devices monitor values from the PLC, changing the display accordingly.

The Visualisation team provide a flexible graphical editor to allow automation engineers to draw out respresentations of their automation system for use on these devices.

PAS Platform: A Solid Foundation

Our platform team provides the nucleus of the entire tool suite, providing services and APIs for all other tools to utilize. This team deals with all common behaviour across the tools, as well as large scale system refactors to ensure that PAS4000 is consistently improved.

Become a Part of the Team

We have a number of positions open for Eclipse Tools Developers and Java Developers in our PAS4000 development team. Why not apply now, and become part of our development team in Cork?

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