Pilz Ireland:

Pilz operates internationally in 40 countries as a leader in safe automation technology and engineering services. Solutions from Pilz protect man, machine and the environment. Pilz has a tradition as a family-run company stretching back over 65 years. Across generations, the Pilz family and the company’s staff have collectively pursued the concept of offering customers added value in every solution with a spirit of innovation and excellence in customer care. We have two distinct business areas within Pilz Ireland, Software Development and Engineering Services and we are actively recruiting for both.

Software Development

Cork is the designated centre of excellence for Software Tool Research & Development for Pilz. Currently employing over 120 professional staff, the Software Development centre in Cork provides a challenging and rewarding professional environment for cutting edge software development. Our emphasis is very much on innovation and technical excellence in software development and our market place is competitive and demanding.

Engineering Services

In our Services Division, we assist our customers by developing outstanding manufacturing solutions locally and internationally. We ensure legal compliance and operational effectiveness when purchasing/designing new equipment and constructing or installing new plant and processes. We provide cost effective solutions for improving existing plant, equipment or processes. Finally we also provide services to improve their overall plant safety.

International Service Group (ISG)

Pilz operates from an international platform through a network of  wholly owned companies with ISG headquarters in Cork. Our people have opportunities to travel the world and work directly with colleagues in different cultures, economies etc. ISG provides worldwide, customer-oriented solutions for all industries, linking subsidiaries with local companies to provide the ideal combination of regional support and global expertise.

Pilz Cork


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