John C



Senior Developer

Education: BSc Computer Science, U.C.C.

Why did you choose Pilz?

I was contacted by a recruitment agent who talked to me about Pilz in great detail and with a lot of enthusiasm. I had to look into the company after that, since I felt that there must be something remarkable about it for the recruiter to be so eager. And once I learned about some of the interesting projects going on at Pilz it seemed like a great place for me.

What do you like best about your role?

Between the various projects I work on, there is always some new challenge to be met and some interesting problem to solve. Taking a new feature from the product idea phase all the way through to delivering to customers is also very satisfying. And at the end of the day, knowing that our products help ensure safety in many quite different places is more than a little rewarding too.

What do you do on a typical day?
Depending of the what stage of development we’re at, a typical day can be anything from working with the Requirements team to establish new features as clearly and correctly as possible, working on analysis and design to plan our implementation of a new feature, working on implementing new features with as high a level of quality as possible or working with the Test team to make sure we have achieved that level of quality.

How long have you been here and what have you accomplished?
I’ve been with Pilz since June 2006. Since then I’ve been a part of a team working on ground breaking projects like SafetyEYE – the first safe camera system for 3D zone monitoring, and the winner of it@cork’s Best R&D Project award in 2008. And since then, I’ve taken on the position of Technical Lead for a team working on three separate projects.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy reading and movies quite a bit. And I like to play a lot of games of different types – board games, card games and video games to name a few. As the quote says: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

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