Interview with a Graduate

Gearóid, Graduate Software Test Engineer

Why did you choose Pilz Ireland? I got information from the Pilz Ireland stand at the CIT Recruitment Fair, 2012. Then made my application.

How long have you worked in Pilz? I started working in Pilz in November 2012 and joined the SafetyEYE team which is involved in 3D sensor technology.

What is important to you as a Graduate Software Tester? When I joined first I was assigned a mentor. She helped me in the beginning making me familiar with the company and what it does, how it does it, introducing me to everybody, and answering any queries I had. Since joining I have participated in workshops, video conferences with colleagues in Germany and I’ve been part of 3 releases of the SafetyEYE product to date!

What do you like about working at Pilz Ireland? Besides my work at Pilz which is very satisfying and interesting albeit sometimes challenging, there is a thriving sports and social scene and there isn’t a month that passes without one or two events organized for us.

How would you describe the culture at Pilz? The ethos is an extension of the family based aspect that exists within Pilz, which remarkably since the day it was founded in 1948 has remained a family owned business. The work hard play hard mantra is alive and well in Pilz.

What advice/tips would you give to Graduates when applying for a role at Pilz? For graduates thinking of working in Pilz, firstly try to find out as much about the company as you can, from friends, internet, careers fairs, etc. If you think you’d like to work here then send in a CV. As a graduate myself I found the transition from college life to work life made much easier by the fact that Pilz offers flexi time.                                                            

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