Project Manager

Education:BCL, HDip (A&IS), UCC

Why did you choose Pilz?

I had spent two years working as a consultant with a small firm in Dublin. The role was challenging and varied but typically the applications I was working on were small, very quick and filled a very very specific niche. I wanted to get back to mainstream product development where I felt I could have a bigger impact.

What do you like best about your role?

Absolutely no day, month or year are ever the same. Each project and team have their own unique challenges to be managed and eventually completed.

What do you do on a typical day?

Typically, I will check and answer emails first thing. With our german colleagues being one hour ahead of us there is generally some thread or discussion to be picked up. After that, I usually have a standing meeting with the development teams where we go through the days tasks and discuss any issues that have arisen since we last got together. If possible, we leave the meeting with very definite actions for the day ahead. Part of my role, is people management. So in the afternoons I would generally have a meeting with one of the poeple that I manage and we would discuss career objectives, training needs and general career development outside of the standard day to day project tasks.

How long have you been here and what have you accomplished?

I am 11 years in the company now. I started as a Software Developer, was promoted to senior and then to Team Manager. I have worked on practically all products and projects in that time. Finishing any project is an accomplishment but I am most proud of being involved in the initial launch and development of the very innovative SafetyEYE product from Pilz.

What are your interests outside of work?

I am a scout leader, so I am typically somewhere outdoors most weekends with my own kids and a bunch of others. I also play soccer every week with a bunch of former wannabee superstars who would have made it but for a bad ankle knee etc and have played against Roy Keane and kept him quiet enough during the game.

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