Software Tester:

The Role

You have completed your apprenticeship as a Junior Software Tester and have learned how to apply yourself to the process of Software Testing. You have achieved delivery of high quality projects alongside your teammates and have seen products that you worked on being used in the field. You have gained the respect of those working with you and have continuously delivered a high standard of work.

As a Software Tester you will become more familiar with the end customers’ use of the products and will find yourself in more positions of responsibility. You will mentor Junior Testers and help them learn how to efficiently test the products that they work with. You will be responsible for writing and executing Feature Test strategies, possibly consisting of both Manual and Automated tests.

You will work with the Requirements Engineers in ensuring that the tests you write fully validate the possible customer use of the feature. You will work alongside the development team during all stages of development to ensure that quality of the focus for the entire duration of the software development lifecycle.

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