Team Manager:

The Role

As you progressed your career through your chosen discipline of Development or Testing you have found that you want to move into a role more focused on the co-ordination and management of projects. The team manager role in Pilz has been filled by both Developers and Testers from within the team.

The role has many facets to it with the main tasks being project and line management of small focused development teams. You are constantly interfacing with Customer Support and Product management to determine the next features to be added to your product. On identifying the features to be implemented you drive the development process through all stages and help your team deliver a quality product.

You produce project schedules for your feature set to aid you in better guiding you and your team in the timely delivery of the projects. You build a sense of common purpose within the teams that you manage.

You manage the performance of the individuals on your team from a project perspective and you ensure the individual and team’s activities meet with and integrate with the Pilz organisation requirements for health and safety, HR policies and procedures and general duty of care.

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