Benefits of being @ Pilz:

Excellent Work Life Balance

Flexi Time

We understand you have demands outside of work. That’s why we introduced a flexi time policy for our employees. You don’t need to rearrange days off for small appointments or to collect the kids! With our Flexi Time policy, your time is your own. We work with our employees to ensure the balance suits us all.

Health Insurance

From your start date you have the option of joining our Health insurance company scheme and you can choose from a wide variety of plans that fit best to your circumstances.

Long Term Illness Cover

In addition from the moment you commence employment with Pilz you will be covered by our Long Term Illness and Death in Service Insurance Policy thereby giving you and your dependants some assurance


We offer a defined contribution scheme where Pilz will match your % contributions and you can make the investment decisions as to what type of fund you want. Our Pension Trustees can also assist you in any questions you have about your investment choices

Sports & Social

We have a very vibrant Sports & Social Club which organises monthly activities that all members can avail of. We have several mini clubs set up such as the book, guitar, photography, poker, running and squash clubs to cater for all interests and you can also purchase subsidised gym and leisure vouchers for which you and your family can enjoy. See our Sports & Social page


As well as your statutory entitlements, Pilz offers 3 extra company days nominated yearly by HR, usually taken at Christmas to give you an extra break. You also accrue extra days holidays for every year you’re with us up to 3 years. You know what they say…”All work and no play makes Jack(or Jill) a dull boy(or Girl!)”

Educational Assistance

Pilz have a defined scheme in place with contributions to training and further education. Whether it’s a course you’ve always had an interest in or a degree you think will further your position in the company, Pilz is committed to the personal growth of all our employees.

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